Thursday, 10 January 2008

Yeah that was just stupid

Note to self - when in a new resort, read the resort guide to find the best trail for your skill level. Do not just jump in the heated Gondola with no idea where it's going to take you.

First run of the day (and therefore for 2 years) and I decided to jump on this. Which drops off at the far right trail at the top of the peak.

I did make it down - just - but stayed with more sensible runs for my current skill level for the rest of the day.


MikeJ said...

Glad to hear that you made it down in one piece. When are the photos appearing?

pgreaves said...

hey andrew : looks like yr having fun...couldnt be happening to more deserving bloke!

how's the apres board there?

peter greaves

Simon said...

Mike's got a point - we'll only feel truly jealous if we get pictorial evidence!

Andrew Frayling said...

Quit your whining :) - Photos now at

Andrew Frayling said...

Correction. Photos now at after Picasa very kindly decided to change the URL for me.