Monday, 4 February 2008

Goodbye Tremblant

Well the trip's nearly all over and it's time to say goodbye to Tremblant. I've had a blast here, the conditions on the slopes have been great (apart from that one really bad Wednesday), the Pedestrian Village provides fantastic apres ski/board and the hostel (HI Tremblant) was fantastic.

I'm going to miss the people, the slopes, "beat the clock" at the Caribou, the Sambuca Death Chambers at the hostel and the general vibe of the place. Only thing I'm not going to miss is *that* Wednesday - but on the positive side I think I can safely say that I've ridden in the worst conditions that I'm ever likely to experience, so everything from now on can only be better :)

Next stop Montreal...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Tremblant Digest

Have been a bit slack on the posting front since I got to Tremblant - not because there's nothing to write about Tremblant, but the slopes and apres ski have been keeping me a bit busy - so here's a bit of a digest of this week:

Weds - worst conditions ever, I can't believe I went up the mountain in freezing rain, it was like trying to ride on glass and rocks - not a fun day.

Thurs - better conditions and spent the whole day boarding with a skier that was staying at the hostel - who promptly dragged me on black runs because "you have to push yourself". I survived the day and, despite the fear, had a really good time and was glad I gave the black runs a try.

Fri - conditions getting even better with fresh snow ahead of the full on snow storm. Was riding solo, but still had fun and I think I've finally gotten out of my nasty habit of carving the tail end of the board too far on each turn.

Sat - just got back from probably the best day this entire trip. The snow storm brought 40cm overnight which made for excellent conditions today. Had fun riding moguls and landed my first jump - well, I say "jump", it wasn't intentional, but there was definitely nothing but air between the board and the mountain and I landed it, so I say it counts :)

Was going to have a day off the slopes tomorrow to recover a bit, but the conditions are looking like they're gonna hold so my body is going to have to put up with another consecutive day of being hurled down a mountain before it gets a rest :)