Sunday, 27 January 2008

Tripped out by Tremblant

Have been in Tremblant for a few days now and I'm still a bit spun out as although I've only traveled across Canada it feels like being in a completely different country - and not just because of the language, there's a whole different vibe here.

I'm coping with the language (just) and my incredibly poor GCSE French is slowly coming back enough for me to get by if I combine it with gesturing and pointing :)

The hostel is great and although it doesn't have a cafe, it does have a bar with a great selection of local beers - one of the most popular being "Le Fin Du Monde", or "The End of the World", which is a bit of a skull-smasher at 9%

The resort itself is kind of trippy as well as it's a man-made faux village, with a selection of bars, restaurants and shops, which is almost Disney Epcot-esque (though not quite as cheesy).

Anyways - good snow, good hostel, good people, good times :)

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