Thursday, 17 January 2008

First Outing

I love my new toy :) First day on the slopes with my new board and I am a very happy chappy. It's so much more responsive (and forgiving) than the rental board and the Burton bindings purely and simply rock.

I'm still tweaking the settings on the bindings to find the best setup for me right now, but I'm already very impressed. The capstrap over the toe of the boot is way more comfortable than a traditional binding and the adjustable high-backs mean I can force myself to ride low - ride high and die they say, so riding low is a good thing.

Good snow on the slopes today as well mean, to quote Ice Cube, "Today was a good day" :)

I ain't gonna be taking down Shaun White in X-Games any time soon, but I don't suck quite as hard on my new board as I have been doing on the rental clunker.

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