Sunday, 12 September 2010

Firestarter - Part 1

About a week ago I received delivery of my AppFire Firestarter, which is a portable (USB) wiki appliance that runs Atlassian Confluence and allows peer to peer and remote sync with a Confluence server.

This post is about the basics, but I'll continue the series with how to get the complete Atlassian stack on Firestarter.

For those that don't know what Firestarter is, this is what one looks like:

I love the simplicity of this device, you plug it in and it just works and is a great way of giving you offline access to a Confluence wiki, or even a sandbox for development.

When you plug it in this is what you see in Finder:

then you just double-click "firestarter-start-stop.jar" and wait until you see:

You click the "localhost" link and you're up and running.

Sarah Maddox has a more detailed write up on her blog, but my post is just a starter for 10 as this series is about getting the entire stack on your Firestarter.


David Simpson said...

Andrew, It looks a tad bulky -- Does it must block access to the neighbouring USB slots?

Andrew Frayling said...

Hi David, it is a tad bulky and does block USB slots, but I still love it :-)