Friday, 8 October 2010

Tungle + Confluence

A few days ago IBM announced support for integrating LotusLive with the excellent service for scheduling appointments with external parties.  Not being one to let IBM have all the fun I created a User Macro to embed in Atlassian's Confluence wiki.

Register a account
Visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

Create a User Macro
  1. Login to Confluence as a user with admin privileges
  2. Select Browse -> Confluence Admin -> User Macros
  3. Create a new User Macro with the following details:
Macro name: tungle
Macro body: unchecked
Output: Macro generates HTML markup

#set ($user = ($paramuser))
#if ($user)
  <img src="${user}/busyicon" class="tungle-me" teml="${user}"/>
  <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
  <div class="errorBox">You must specify a <strong>user</strong> parameter.</div>

Add the Macro to a Page
Edit any Confluence page in the normal way and add the following code:


where <username> is your username, e.g.


This will give you the following on your wiki page:

and when you click "schedule a meeting" you will see:

If you don't specify a "user" parameter then you will get: has a number of synchronisation integrations with calendar services - LotusLive, Lotus Notes, Google Calendar, Outlook, Entourage, Exchange - and embedding the widget in your website is a great way of making it easy for people outside your organisation to schedule appointments.


Brian Sletten said...

You get 100 pts for this one, sir. 90 for the macro which worked a charm first time and 10 for the song reference. I once convinced myself to go bungee jumping in Guam with the line from "Sound" on the same album:

"Do everything you fear, in this there is power. Fear is not to be afraid."

Of course, someone died on that very same platform three months later, so, maybe fear is to be at least considered.

Thanks for the macro definition.

Andrew Frayling said...

Thanks for the comment Brian - and I'm glad you survived the bungee jump.